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‘Victim alert but critical’

According to ICU in-charge of Safdarjung hospital, Dr P K Verma, ‘The victim continues to be critical. She is conscious and alert, but not able to communicate verbally due to the tube inserted in her mouth. Doctors are hoping that her condition improves. Her kidney is producing adequate amount of urine. Her liver is stable, but there’s a slight rise in bilirubin, a matter of serious concern. Her blood coagulation status is better than yesterday. Internal bleeding has reduced as she is being provided with fresh frozen plasma. Her platelet count has increased to 81,000 from Monday, when it was 70,000. WBC count is 5,800, and haemoglobin level has also improved. But she still has 102 degree fever.

Dr Sunil Jain, who is operating on the victim, said, ‘Though her condition is better than yesterday, we cannot say that she is 100 per cent recovering. Sepsis is another serious issue. She is still on total parental nutrition (PNT). As of now, doctors are not planning any surgery.’ Regular psychiatric assessments are being done by Dr Rajesh Rastogi, HoD of Psychiatric department at Safdarjung hospital.
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