Vending machines to supply fish to every doorstep in city

Vending machines to supply fish to every doorstep in city
Are you tired of going to the markets every morning to buy fish? To make it easier for city residents, the state government has introduced ‘fish vending vehicles’ which will reach every door step with various fishes. 

The state fisheries department has introduced nine fish vending vehicles which will travel across the city and also in the adjoining areas. According to a senior fisheries department official, those who will buy fishes from the fish vending vehicles will be given a discount of 30-40 per cent on the market price. 

Chandranath Sinha, minister of the state fisheries department on Sunday inaugurated the fish vending vehicles which will carry a good collection of various fishes and travel throughout the city. The main purpose of the vehicles was to reach fishes to the people. The vehicles will not only travel within the city but also to the adjoining areas. The customers buying fishes from the cars will be given a huge discount to make the initiative a success. 

According to a department official, around 14 air-conditioned vehicles were earlier introduced to increase the sale of fishes. Some additional fish vending vehicles will be deployed in future. The officials of the department believe that it will become a huge success as the vehicles will not only supply fresh fishes to the doorsteps but also provide huge discount. 

It may be mentioned that the Trinamool Congress government had taken up lot of initiatives to augment the fish production in the state. Now, the steps were taken for marketing the new projects. 
The state government had started to put fishlings into the waterbodies owned by it. Free foods were also distributed for small fishes in the waterbodies. Fish farmers were also trained on how to apply scientific methods to cultivate fishes. 

The officials of the fisheries department had observed that most of the fish cultivators did not feed the fish sufficiently, so growth of fishes was not up to the mark. Many awareness camps were organised by the department to inform farmers how to detect disease of fishes and to grow them. 
To increase the fish production in various parts of North Bengal, a bunch of projects were taken up. Fishlings were put in various government ponds in Jalpaiguri, Dhupguri, Maynaguri and also in rivers like Teesta, Torsha, Kaljani, Jaldhaka and Sankosh. The department has also done a water bodies mapping project which will immensely boost the fish production in the state.


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