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Vasudeva addresses world anti-graft meet

Volunteerism and multi-agency collaboration are the springboards to the road to possible eradication of corruption, said ONGC Chairman and managing Director (CMD) Sudhir Vasudeva at Global Compact Network India’s (GCNI) Delhi Business Delegation on ‘Collective Efforts to Reduce Corruption in India’.

Vasudeva, who also is the President of GCNI, highlighted the pioneering role played by ONGC in bringing this disturbing issue to the mainstream discourse and organizational business practice through incorporation of critical elements like the Integrity Pact and Whistleblower Policy.

He said that the alarming rise of corruption in all facets of not just political or commercial life but also of the social spectrum.

‘The all pervasive corruption has made such extensive penetration into our lives that no amount of discussions or dialogue could lead to the formulation of a comprehensive solution for this malady,’ said the Vasudeva.

‘Effective ERP systems, transparent supply chain mechanisms, electronic fund transfers, e-governance framework and tools like Integrity Pact and Whistleblower Policy are some of the much agreed upon and deployed measures which act as a bulwark against corruption but for all of these to assume any meaning and become effective every concerned stakeholder needs to close ranks and act together,’ Vasudeva concluded.
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