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Varied colours of moods and moments

Varied colours of moods and moments
We have our own ups and downs, happy and sorrow moments, rejections and acceptances, success and failures and we sway our moods with these expressions of life. Same is the case with an artist. It is the intensity of the situation that makes the artist play with the lines, apply colour to his art, give it a definite form and infuse life in it. Thus, the final outcome will be the projection of an artist's expression which will be depicted in the work and that will give the canvas its moods and moments.

This is the reason why this exhibition is named as the Moods n Moments on Canvas. It’s a group exhibition of 12 eminent artists curated by Savita Agrawal, Director Shree Yash Art Gallery that opened on 8 October in the Capital.

The participating artists are - Shranik Jain, Shyamal Mukherji, Ramesh Gorjala, Bhawna Bhanot, Nand Thakur, Harish Kumar, RC Bhawsar, S.D. Shrotriya, Prithvi Soni, Madan Lal, Darshan Sharma and  Savita Agrawal.

The efforts put in by the artist to instill life in his creation are what make it desirable by the onlooker. The life line of an artist is his canvas and he works within its periphery. His imagination and the brush of an artist have the capacity to capture the picturesque moments that may be difficult to see otherwise.

Prithvi Soni from Mumbai skilfully depicts village life scenes with lively colours and forceful lines that the work and the characters of his picture look as if they are standing right in front of you. The use of earthen colours adds a traditional touch to his work.

Nand Thakur , a young and aspiring artist, is also a professor in Shimla. His colours are very vibrant and he finds himself connected to nature always. There is a calm and sure way in his projection.

When: On till 15 October Where: Shree Yash Art Gallery, Green Park Main Market Road Timing: 6 pm

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