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Vanquished Bedi blames ‘fatwa’, knives out in BJP

Vanquished Bedi blames ‘fatwa’, knives out in BJP
On Wednesday, Bedi blamed the “fatwas” issued by  the Shahi Imam as the reason for her defeat. “These fatwas have an impact as they mean a direction. Should EC allow such last moment directions, is it good for democracy?” she was quoted as saying by a news agency.

“I was told voting for me in Krishna Nagar dropped in places where fatwa was issued. I want it to be looked into,” she added. Her statement comes after murmurs  within the party that projecting her as CM candidate proved disastrous for the party. Party MP Kirti Azad, whose wife Poonam Azad, was denied a party ticket, had said soon after the results, “You should respect your opponents. You have to sit together and face each other in the Assembly.

“Everything was going well for BJP under the positive agenda. Then why such a negative campaign?” Without referring to Kiran Bedi, he demanded stern action against those responsible for sidelining the local unit and running a centralised campaign.

A more frontal attack was launched by Delhi BJP’s office secretary Professor Rajvir Sharma. In a Facebook post, Sharma said: “The deliberate or otherwise pushing the local worker and the local leadership into the background was not taken kindly by the voters of Delhi and there was a general feeling of disappointment in the workers of Delhi.” In a well-articulated but scathing note Sharma said: “The party’s failure to uphold its stand about deciding CM after the election and following the principle of collective leadership in so far as decision about the election contest and management also added to the anger of the voter in Delhi.” 

The note also slammed party president Amit Shah’s campaign plan saying: “The over centralisation of election management in the hands of the central leadership and overkill by deploying BJP’s top guns in propagating the engagement of the central ministers and BJP MPs in the election campaign and management proved to be counter-productive.”
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