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Uttarakhand: Shah asks people to vote for change

BJP’s Parivartan Yatra came to an end in Uttarakhand on Wednesday with party president Amit Shah asking people to vote for change and install a transparent government in the state akin to the one led by Narendra Modi at the Centre.

Noting that people’s aspirations can be fulfilled only through systemic change in Uttarakhand, Shah said the yatra may have come to an end, but the process of change to oust the Harish Rawat dispensation and form a BJP government has just started.

“By parivartan we don’t just mean change of a chief minister. We mean systemic change with the departure of one party and the advent of another at the helm.

“When we appeal to you for change we want you to dislodge a corrupt government and install a transparent government like the one being run by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Centre which can usher in development, give an unprecedented boost to tourism and stops migration from hills,” the BJP President said.

He said Haldwani had been chosen for the conclusion of the yatra as BJP wanted the wave of change to begin from Kumaon region and sweep the rest of the state.

He said former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee did not dream of an Uttarakhand where liquor and mining mafia called the shots. Shah said Vajpayee had envisioned a developed hill state with a strong economy based on tourism from where people did not migrate elsewhere in search of livelihood. He asked people to vote for BJP if they wanted to translate the “Uttarakhand of Vajpayee’s dreams” into a reality.

“Vajpayee created Uttarakhand, Modi will build it,” he said adding that the Prime Minister wants to link the chardham with four lane roads.

Pointing out that the massive crowds at his three rallies in Uttarakhand in the course of the yatra was an indication that people had made up their mind about throwing a corrupt government out of power, he said he was confident that BJP will win in the coming polls and form the next government with a two thirds majority.

He also touched upon the demonetisation issue saying the measure had made only black money hoarders unhappy. “The move has been praised the world over. Only those who have amassed black money are unhappy about it,” Shah claimed.
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