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US woman wills $1 million fortune to her pet dog

A 60-year-old woman in the US has willed a million-dollar fortune consisting of jewelry, a trust fund and vacation home to her pet dog.

Rose Ann Bolasny from New York has decided to leave her valuables to her pet Maltese terrier named Bella Mia. “We decided that we had given her such a lavish life that we wanted to make sure she’d still have what she was accustomed to when I was gone,” Bolasny was quoted as saying by the New York Post.

“Yes, we pamper her, but Bella Mia has really donated and volunteered more than her time in her short 3 years of living that most people have done in a lifetime,” she said. And her two sons Louis and Robert do not have a problem at all with their mother giving her dog a mountain of wealth along with a home she bought last April in Port St Lucie. “They feel fine, because they’re getting more than Bella Mia,” Bolasny explained. “My children are grown, and successful. They don’t need my money. They know how happy she has made my husband and I,” she said.

She describes her pooch as a “gift from God” and a full-fledged diva who fancies filet mignon and dons extravagant outfits -- which include a Cinderella princess dress, an over-the-top peacock gown and diamond-studded tiaras.


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