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US shoot out not isolated incident

The shooting of children and others by armed men in America as also in India in the recent weeks should not have happened. These children and other men and women were innocent and they deserved a full life. They should not have been harmed in such a manner.  Each such child’s life, as  indeed any person’s life, is precious. Such shooting incidents are not restricted to America put happen often in our country also. In fact, the situation in our country is not better as the incidents of the last few weeks have shown. Our newspapers have reported many such incidents recently. This is most unfortunate. The police is not able to cope with such incidents, particularly in India nowadays.

The situation of lawlessness, particularly in and around the city of the national capital Delhi, should not prevail.

Some of these incidents are the result of chases by men who are mostly out of uniform. It has become difficult to distinguish policemen from others because they are mostly  not in uniform.

Without an uniform, it is often not easy to find a policeman in cases of of trouble. The police also indulge in chases and shoot people without a trial. This should not happen. This country should not introduce a gun-happy culture. Though the police have to catch criminals, this does not mean that the police should harass people residing in the city or be rude to them. The police must not take the law in its hands. The police is meant to help people and not to harass them. These days the police seem to be on guard despite being out of uniform and is less protective towards the citizens of India.

It also seems understaffed but this is not really the case. With many policemen not of uniform and not being helpful, crimes seem to abound and lawlessness prevail. The police should be more active.
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