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US plays ‘waiting game’

With the situation unclear in Egypt after the ouster of Islamist president Mohammed Morsi, the White House is taking a ‘wait and see’ stance and avoiding taking sides, a US expert on the Middle East has said. Morsi was ousted by the military last week after mass protests in Cairo against his rule. The appointment of Hazem al-Beblawy as interim prime minister by caretaker president Adli Mansour after days of political stalemate has stirred controversy among the public.

‘With the situation in Cairo still extremely fluid, Washington is playing a waiting game, hoping the situation might settle down into a process back to electoral politics that would be easier to support more visibly,’ Wayne White, former deputy director of the US State Department’s Middle East Intelligence Office, told Xinhua.

The White House said Wednesday after President Barack Obama’s meetings with Qatari leaders that the ‘United States and Qatar will remain actively engaged with all sides in Egypt to promote a quick and responsible return to a sustainable, democratically elected civilian government’.
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