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US might want to re-examine troops pullout deadline: Ghani

US might want to re-examine troops pullout deadline: Ghani
In an interview with the American Television – CBS, President Ghani said “Deadlines concentrate the mind. But deadlines should not be dogmas.”

“If both parties, or, in this case, multiple partners, have done their best to achieve the objectives and progress is very real, then there should be willingness to re-examine a deadline,” he told the CBS program “60 Minutes”.

In response to a question if he had told that to U.S. President Barack Obama, Ghani said “President Obama knows me. We don’t need to – to tell each other.” The Obama administration said earlier last month about 10,800 troops will remain in the country for at least the first few months of 2015 to help provide support to Afghan security forces.

The US and NATO formally concluded the combat mission in Afghanistan after 13 years, during an event on Sunday in Kabul, which was also organized for the transition to the new non-combat – NATO-led Resolute Support mission.

The Resolute Support mission will consist of more than 12,500 troops focused on building Afghan National Security Force (ANSF) sustainability. 28 NATO Allies and 14 partner nations will contribute to the mission in different ways.


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