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US killer held after pocket-dialing 911

Dial M for murder! A US man has been held for murder after he accidentally pocket-dialed emergency services number 911 while planning the slaying and the sinister plot was recorded. 

Scott Simon, 24, from Pompano Beach, Florida, mistakenly pocket-dialed 911 as he planned a killing earlier this month, enabling an emergency dispatch system to record his conversation and link him to the slaying, authorities said on Wednesday. 

Simon was heard talking with another person on a recorded 911 line on 5 May, saying he’s going to follow Nicholas Romondo Walker, 33, of Lauderhill, home and kill him, according to a Broward sheriff’s office statement. 

Broward sheriff’s homicide detectives on Tuesday arrested Simon on a charge of first-degree murder in the killing of Walker, 33, the Broward sheriff’s office (BSO) said. The call took place just minutes before the fatal shooting.  Nicholas Walker’s mother, Joyce Walker of Lauderhill, said she’s ‘very happy. I want them to catch them all,’ Joyce Walker said. 

BSO spokeswoman Dani Moschella said Walker died from gunshot.  
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