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US discussing terrorism control with Pakistan

The United States is currently discussing with Pakistan how best to address the terrorist threats emanating from there, a top counterterrorism advisor to the US President Barack Obama has said.

'There are ongoing discussions with the government of Pakistan about how best to address the terrorist threat that emanates from that area," John Brennan, Assistant to the US President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, said at a Washington-based think tank here yesterday.

'I will point out that, you know, so many Pakistanis have been killed by that malignant tumour that is within the sovereign borders of Pakistan. Many, many brave Pakistanis have given their lives against these terrorist and militant organisations,' he noted in response to a question at the Woodrow Wilson Center.

'So as the parliament recently said in its resolution, Pakistan needs to rid itself of these foreign militants and these foreign terrorists that have taken root inside of Pakistan,' Brennan said.

The US is committed to working closely on an ongoing basis with the Pakistani government, which includes intelligence, security and various civilian departments and agencies, in order to help them address the terrorist threat, but also so that they can help the US ensure that Pakistan and the area near Afghanistan is never again used as a launching pad for attacks in the US, he clarified.


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