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US Ambassador condemns cross-border terrorism

US Ambassador to India, Richard Rahul Verma on Wednesday criticised Pakistan for cross-border terrorism. Replying a question in a press conference at Kolkata Press Club, Verma said United States strongly condemn cross-border terrorism.

“We strongly condemn cross-border terrorism. It needs to end and perpetrators need to be held accountable,” said US Ambassador to India without directly taking Pakistan’s name. While elaborating on the difference between US’s security ties with India and Pakistan, Verma said: “Our security relationship with Pakistan is complex. It is focused on counter-terrorism. However, our relationship with India is far broader. We should stand up against common enemy – that is terrorism,.”

Verma’s recent tour to Arunachal Pradesh was criticised by Chinese foreign ministry. Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang earlier had said: “Any responsible third party should respect efforts by China and India to seek peaceful and stable reconciliation, and not the opposite.”

When he was asked about his Arunachal visit, he replied positively. “Both the countries (India and United States) have had incredible success in defence, green energy and climate, trade and commerce and so many other areas. India – United States is not just a buyer-seller. Now we are sharing technologies,” he said, adding two nations, two largest democracies will ensure safe and prosperous world.

However, CPI(M) recently alleged, Indian defence force and defence production would be open to scrutiny and control by United States which will make India as junior ally following finalisation of ‘Major Defence Partner’ designation. Reacting on it, US Ambassador to India said, ‘It is actually joint defence collaboration. It will be a great agreement.’ The CPI(M), on the other hand alleged, Narendra Modi government “has not even made a statement in Parliament about such a significant deal.

Verma supported the Centre saying it is really a great effort by the Centre against corruption. He said that demonetisation does not affect bilateral ties between India and the US. “We’ve great relationship with Indian ministries. We can take the challenge of demonetisation,” he said.
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