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UPA’s misguided claims of success

The launch of Bharat Nirman II, despite the lack of success of the original Bharat Nirman, is surprising. The scheme has been a total disaster despite the UPA government’s claims of success. The government has put up huge hoardings all over India and paid for a publicity campaign whose only purpose is to fool the Indian people.  The government should make apparent the facts from the people. These are well known and are available in the various reports with the government including that of the CAG. All these reports mention the unaccountably large siphoning of funds which have been drawn from the exchequer for the purposes of serving the poor. Not only have few houses been constructed for the poor but the other components of the scheme have been a failure as well. Not only is little money reaching the people but the middlemen, who are prospering are not reporting the facts to the government. Many of these are politicians and government employees. The total disaster that this scheme has been is creating an agricultural disaster in the countryside. There is no need to describe the complex economics to understand how the unaccounted flow of money into the country side is creating strata  amongst the people that did not exist before. The people of the country are fed up of the exaggerated claims of the UPA government but there are no results on paper.

 The rural countryside remains as destitute as ever. The new groups based on illegal funds are undoing all the impact of the reforms undertaken by various governments in the last 40 years. This UPA government has created propertied criminals in the countryside who are back to the illegal activities that have ruined the countryside for millennia. India in the villages is not for experimentation. Much of this activity is not conducive to the welfare of the Indian people.  The public is just not aware of the goondaism that has been unleashed in the countryside. The politicisation of these schemes is not good for democracy. The government has not done well to publicise the aspects that should not be made public because the people have benefited as the figures are all wrong.  The people of India have suffered much in the hands of those who have misguided them.
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