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Up, up and away

Up, up and away
I have a pair of love birds, when I left them with a friend while travelling abroad. They stopped eating and one of them died. My friend did feed them and take care of the, why did this happen?
Manu Sharma, New Delhi

Lovebirds are Australian parakeets. They have been smuggled into India and they are extremely vulnerable to our climate. They cannot stand cold at all. Your friend may have exposed them to cold, been careless with the food and water. Most parakeets do not live beyond a few months in captivity in India and being in cages for them is pure torture.

Is it true a pet (especially a dog) takes on the characteristics of their owner?
Hitesh Singh, Ajmer

Yes, it is true.  If the owner is tense and high strung, the dog tends to be so as well. If the owner is unfriendly so is the dog. So it is important to be relaxed and sociable round the dog.

I have kept parrots regularly and each time a cat eats them up when they are small, I am depressed. How can I protect them?
Sneha Tandon, Lucknow

It is illegal to keep parrots and you should be ashamed of yourself for breaking the law. All cats eat birds and it is entirely your fault for exposing them to their natural predators again and again. You do not seem to be an animal lover at all : just someone who keeps birds to show them off. Do not get any more.

My dog is tied at home most of the times, she has become cranky, irritable and refuses to eat. How can I manage her?
Reva Thakur, New Delhi

All dogs hate being tied up and it is an offence under Section 11 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act 1960 for which you can be fined and go to jail. Dogs need exercise and freedom within the house. Why do you keep a dog if you are simply going to tie them up ? The dog will turn into a biter and then o one is safe. If you have problems with the dog’s behavior, the best is to call in a trainer. What you are doing is cruel, thoughtless and wicked. It will drive the dog to be unsociable and hostile and then you will want to throw the dog out.

How do I manage my cat who runs out from the house most of the times, I am scared she may have an accident on the road...
Tripti Ray, New Delhi

Cats are always going to roam. Sometimes it is to find interesting food, sometimes to find a mate. I suggest that you find a good doctor and neuter the cat so that the mating issue is resolved. Always leave your windows open and some food beside the window so that she can come and go.

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