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Up in the air

Up in the air
The show titled Bhumi brings together  yoga, spirituality and organic relationship with the Earth to spread uplifting, hopeful messages to inspire the audience.

Bhumi is the brainchild of Goura Prema, India’s Got Talent Finalist  and Director of Natya Nectar. Presented by the Natya Nectar International Dance Company, Bhumi is rooted in the earth, but supported by four pillars that will provide a strong base to hold up this monumental performance.

What Bhumi stands for the aesthetic rendering of the relationship between Mother Earth and her inhabitants. It will explore environmental issues, in India, that lead to diseases, and health concerns, which impact our future. But more importantly, it will highlight the solutions. The four supporting mediums will interlace a narrative of holistic life.

Prema started her dance academy Natya Nectar Dance Company in 2008 in New Delhi. Her vision is to make a deep impact on audiences around the world, with the great stories of Mahabharat, Ramayana and Bhagavad-gita.  Her passion for art forms has been extended to aerial silks and acro yoga as well with equal amount of poise. She has been practicing Aerial Silks for over 6 years and has received extensive training in San Francisco and LA.

When: 5 November, 7:30 onwards
Where: Kamani Auditorium
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