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Unveiling the Black Taj Mahal

Unveiling the Black Taj Mahal
The book Black Taj Mahal, The Emperor’s Missing Tomb written by Iftakhar Nadime Khan was released on Monday. The author has been working for 30 years on this topic and has uncovered some astonishing information about the Black Taj Mahal which was possibly conceived by emperor Shah Jahan as the site for his own mausoleum. The Taj Mahal is the most visited architectural wonder not only in India but worldwide and the legend of Black Taj Mahal is inseparably linked with the Taj Mahal. In the absence of any literary work on the Black Taj, the story has swung between reality and myth. However, people believed that the idea of constructing the Black Taj Mahal for Shah Jahan’s own mortal remains was real, but the existing evidence supporting the theory was unorganised which confused tourists and Taj lovers.

The book unveils astonishing facts and claims that the construction of Taj Mahal was only half of the original scheme conceived by its builder, emperor Shah Jahan. It highlights the discrepancies present in the Taj Mahal and Mahtab Bagh and finally explains the reason for the merging of fact and fiction.  The book is enriched with the meaningful text along with explanatory diagrams and pictures. The book also analyses the Taj Mahal from a completely new angle, its description and beautifying elements are described in short and simple sentences. The historical events of emperor Shah Jahan, his dethroning and the conspiracies by his own son are highlighted. Foreword of the book is written by Dr. Mohammad KK who has retired from ASI as Regional Director of North. His list of achievements is long; he was responsible for making Sanchi Stupa disabled-friendly. The restoration of the 1,300-year-old Bateshwar Temple in Madhya Pradesh is one of the brightest spots of his career; the impossible task which he did by winning the confidence of notorious dacoit Nirbhay Gujjar.

Author I N Khan has rediscovered and is now recreating the Black Taj Mahal with ebony wood. He has been honoured with National Award of India and State Award from Uttar Pradesh government for his creativity. Currently, Khan is working as CEO of a company that manufactures wall clocks.
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