Unperturbed by modern chaos

Unperturbed by modern chaos
They have made their mark in contemporary prêt wear for both men and women who wish to break the stereotype in clothing and experiment with distinct textures and engineered designing. Their designs pay great emphasis on silhouettes and detailing which draw inspiration from linear structures, geometrical lines and are greatly influenced by modern contemporary art. 

Where did you find the inspiration for your AIFW collection?
The Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna woman is unperturbed by modern chaos. Enveloped by breathless battles against urban vices; her soul is lured by the web of minimalism. The label mirrors her style as she finds herself in the renaissance of zen. Scion of Skin is not a collection for the meek, because your ultimate strength is only a reflection of who you really are, inside. Using liquid silver, frosty and pastel hues like lilac, teal blue, deep rose among others, we have used chevron based textures and amalgamated it with metallic studs and intricate appliqué work on sheer fabrics. Our collection for summer is all about constructed silhouettes with mesh layering while the glossy tactile fabric stages futuristic chic. This curated collection combines sheer magic in texture, precision fit and elegance in craft.

Since the launch of your designer brand in 1997, how has been the journey so far? And tell us about your upcoming projects. 
With a lot of mutual interests, our journey has been great so far. As a matter of fact, we will be celebrating 20 years of our combined curation- Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna in the coming year.  We have also won a couple of awards including the prestigious GQ designers of the year title. Currently we’re working on 3 main projects other than the current AIFW show, namely -Blenders Pride, GQ nights and Dubai- Glam Closet. 

With already having stand alone stores in Delhi and Mumbai, do you plan to open new stores in other cities too?
At present we are available in 25 stores across India. We’re also available on other online portals like pernias popup, rock n shop, among others. Our reach is also extended internationally on various stores like Harvey Nichols, Anthropologic and VAKKO to name a few. Other than these, at present we have no plans for stand-alone stores. Our Spring/Summer 2017 collection follows the global traveler as she confidently collects an unexpected mix of elements. Nonchalantly translating the souvenirs of her holiday adventures into her day-to-day wardrobe, the collection is a perfect mix of grandeur and contemporary edginess, ultra-modern giving it the edgy look.

How did you two come together as designer?  
With a matching aesthetics and design sense we joined hands and formed our brand- Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna. After working together for a fairly long time, we discovered our mutual love for art and travelling, which makes working together even more fun!

Where do you see Indian fashion heading with so many fashion shows coming up? 
With increasing amount of shows, a lot of awareness has been generated among prospective clients and buyers. This, we personally think is a great initiative as it also generates a sense of competitiveness in the industry. Customers and buyers choose clothes according to their own aesthetics and sensibility instead of opting for a particular brand name.
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