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Unmanned technology will be focus of future warfare: DRDO

Future warfare scenario requires multiple functionality unmanned technology with human intelligence interface and ability to coordinate multiple systems in consonance, DRDO director general Avinash Chander said here on Monday.

Space, cyber space and asymmetric dimensions of warfare are assuming greater importance than the traditional ones and advancement of various critical technologies, sensors, robotics, communication, advanced materials and electronics are paving way for development of unmanned warfare systems, he said.

In future, there is scope for developing unattended sensors, micro UAVs, robot sentry and autonomous underwater vehicles, Chander said. He listed various unmanned systems used for ground applications, underwater and aerial applications and said, Unmanned Combat Areal Vehicle (UCAV), solar power UAV, aerostats would be next generation air warfare (fully autonomous mission) and future robotic warriors will be assigned well defined tasks.

Chander said that new military requirement for future robotic systems include intelligence, mobility, manipulation, battle scene awareness and friend-foe identification capabilities among others.
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