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Universal woes

Barely months after being in news for courting controversy on the FYUP issue, Delhi University has found itself on the wrong side of morality again. In an exclusive story carried by Millennium Post, it has emerged that the principal of a leading college along with four others affiliated with the varsity allegedly siphoned a crore and half rupees which were instead to be used for conducting the prestigious UGC-NET examination in 2012 and 2013. And all this happened under the eye of the vice chancellor Dinesh Singh who chose to ignore the wrongdoing even after having coming complete knowledge about what was conspiring at the end of the principal. Perhaps, the VC had personal interest in the same as the principal is a VC appointee himself. Whatever may have been the situation, it is sheer blasphemy if for nothing else.

Universities and colleges are institutions which are ideally supposed to be embodiments of honesty, integrity, ethics and righteousness. They are the temples of education where a lot of men and women come and exchange ideas, deliberate on important issues till the time they remain associated and move ahead to become erudite citizens. When such instances of illegitimate collusion and substantial transgression emerge it demoralises not just the students but also the faculty.
So if the Delhi University Teacher’s Association (DUTA), the registered body of the faculty which teaches across the university’s colleges, holds a dharna demanding the removal of the tainted principal, what wrong has it done? In a press release that has been issued by DUTA it has further become clear that the governing body even after being continuously reminded of the misgiving failed to take any cognisance of the matter and it was never placed on any of the meeting agenda ever.

The level of conspiracy can also be determined from the fact that the college showed a chartered accounted as the college auditor when the institution is a university maintained premises and all its audits are done by the auditor which is hired by the university.  In such circumstances, isn’t the mandate of providing quality education debatable in itself? Perhaps someday the university will realise this.
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