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United, they stand

Scotland will stay with the United Kingdom and so will the 307 year old Union of nations. It comes as no surprise as there hardly was any clear majority for an opponent against the other. Scottish people supporting both the camps were seen voicing their opinions in an equal number. Even though Scotland will stay in the United Kingdom, there will be immense pressure now on PM David Cameron to hold the Union together.

If reports are to be believed, Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood has already admitted that Wales needs to be given a chance to decide its future. If Scotland would have gone, huge reserves of natural resources would have gone too. In fact, there were speculations that with its gas and oil reserves, Scotland could have become one of the wealthiest nations in Europe. If at all it would have happened, London’s stature as an international financial centre would have gone to shards. But if we take into account the global reactions that have been pouring in since the results came out, we will realise that nobody wants the world to become fragmented then it actually is.

The problem also lies in the fact, that in the entire of the United Kingdom, there isn’t another city as eminent as London and since it also has been the seat of British imperialism, which practically ruled nearly every nook and corner of the world, how its colonies would have reacted could have been a point of discussion too. Even though Alex Salmond has resigned, he should be praised for putting up a brave show and Cameron should be congratulated, that his impressive rhetoric moved the audiences so much that they voted for a united Britain.

However, the Labour party’s stand is unconvincing. Tony Blair in 1997 practically got the referendum conducted but 17 years later, it is the same Labour party that was opposing it. Too many priorities at play perhaps?     
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