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United Kingdom set for landmark vote on 3-parent babies

Britain could create history on Tuesday by becoming the first country to legalise children conceived with DNA from three parents, a contentious step that has polarised opinion among activists and religious figures.

British MPs will hold a crucial vote in Parliament to decide whether to allow the creation of IVF babies using DNA from three people - mother, father and a female donor.

The technique is aimed at preventing deadly genetic diseases being passed from mother to child and is expected to help about 150 couples a year. However, the move has sparked a fierce ethical debate with senior Church figures calling for the procedure to be blocked.

If there is a “yes” vote in the House of Commons, then the first ‘three-parent baby’ could be born as soon as next year.

The UK govt backs the measure in principle but all MPs will be given a free vote rather than being forced down party lines as it is an issue of conscience.


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