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Unfolding nature

Park Myung-Hee is a Korean artiste who majored in painting and design and has been working in Busan. She has been working with Ottchil (Korean Traditional Lacquer Painting) on woods for a very long time. An exhibition, My universe by the Korean Artiste will be on display till March 20 at the Exhibition Gallery at the Korean Cultural Centre, Lajpat Nagar in the Capital.

Park Myung-Hee’s works are patient with continuous recoat of black Ottchil (Korean Traditional Lacquer) for smooth and shiny surface to achieve her purpose. She has been studying about the Ottchil substance with much perseverance and patience. Like the big-bang theory, her head is full of life energy and tissue cells dancing in it.

According to the Artiste the beauty of life has vitality to be unfolded and folded by itself.

Her works intend to express the movements of small lives that we cannot see with our eyes and their life force.

Perhaps that is the approaching way of biological dimension to know her own self. Not understanding where it comes from, always moving in the internal side, cannot deny, the energy of life is reflected in her Ottchil works.

Ott tree grows in Korea, China, Japan, and the likes mainly in Southeast Asia as a special product of the Orient.

Ottchil is extracted from Ott trees, which is a thick (kind of) liquid of light grayish white color at the first, but if it is exposed to air then it is changed to brown.

Ottchil which is the pure paint that we get from nature has a lot of excellent characteristic with dignified and rich gloss. Once Ottchil is dried, its gloss is peculiarly beautiful. And dried Ottchil has strong aseptic ability, water-resistance, durability, adhesive strength, and its disinfection effect, antioxidant effect, and so on are superior.

Ottchil  which has such aesthetic and practical value has been used very much as paint for metal or woodwork, and particularly for all instruments and industrial art object that is need durability, in Korea, China, and Japan from old days.

Especially, Ottchil becomes dry in a warm and humid place which has a temperature of 25-30% with a humidity of 75-85% and its color appears differently according to the drying condition.

Such fussy drying condition makes the progressing of Ottchil work slow, but we could even say that such point is also the attractiveness of Ottchil.

When: On till March 20
Where:  Exhibition Gallery, Korean Cultural Centre, A - 25, Lajpat Nagar IV

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