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Undeterred Priyanka reacts, ‘BJP behaving like baffled rats’

In her shrillest attack on BJP, which released a video against her husband Robert Vadra on Sunday, Priyanka Gandhi said the party was scurrying around like ‘baffled’ rats and she would not be intimidated by such ‘lies’ but will continue to speak against its ‘destructive’ politics. 

The BJP reacted by accusing Congress of taking democratic discourse to a new low with its ‘abusive’ politics.  ‘They are baffled and running around like rats. I knew that they will repeat their bunch of lies. There is nothing new in it but let them say whatever they want to. I am not afraid of anyone and will continue to speak against their negative, destructive and shameful politics,’ Priyanka told reporters after addressing a rally here. 

‘I will not remain quite and I am waiting for them to say more,’ she said. 

Priyanka was asked about a video and a booklet brought out by BJP on the alleged land deals of her husband which it termed as ‘Robert Vadra model of development’. 

BJP has alleged that the ‘Vadra model’ has become successful due to the patronage provided by the Gandhi family to Vadra. 

BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad said ‘there was a gross violation of laws relating to land and environment. The influence of the family helped make Vadra big earnings in the deals.’ 

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