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Understanding your cat’s meow

Understanding your cat’s meow
There is a stray cat in my area who breaks into my house at night and makes a huge ruckus. I tried keeping the windows <g data-gr-id="110">locked</g> but she keeps meowing and scratching the wood. What can I do?
It depends on your level of compassion. If you like cats and believe that she is trying to get into your house because you offer warmth and security, then you should adopt her and feed her and thank God for having sent you a companion. If you don’t want her to come to you at all then you should remove all possible food sources like even trash cans nearby which you can secure with a tight-fitting lid. Cats seek a warm, dry space for shelter from the elements, and if they’re unable to find a nesting place, they will move on to the next neighbourhood. You can be really mean and install a motion-sensing sprinkler or sprinkle pepper around the area. The cat will stop coming – and you will be the poorer for it.
I have some construction going on near my house and the workers’ children mistreat the colony dogs. I have tried stopping <g data-gr-id="108">them</g> but their parents become aggressive and <g data-gr-id="112">retort</g> rudely. How should I go about this?
Sit around with those kids ill-treating the dogs and tell them that dogs are a man’s best <g data-gr-id="117">friend .</g> make them touch and play with dogs, make them feed dogs with biscuits. Kids learn when they are taught. <g data-gr-id="115">Moreover</g> if the parents turn rude towards you, make them aware them of the laws and the legal repercussions of causing harm to them.

There is a litter of puppies in my colony and they are always running on the road, risking motor accidents. What can I do to prevent this? I’ve tried putting them in a <g data-gr-id="152">carton</g> but they always manage to come out. They have just started walking so they’re not very agile which makes them even more vulnerable.
How can you put puppies who can walk in a <g data-gr-id="123">carton.</g> Obviously they will come out. You need to put them in a safe place. There is no point putting them into an animal shelter because little puppies die almost immediately in every shelter. The best thing would be to put them in your own verandah/balcony/garden or house and look after them till they are bigger. You could try and find them homes. Please have all the dogs in your colony sterilised so that there are no more puppies.

I always find a litter of newborns during winters and most of them don’t survive because of the cold. I feel bad for <g data-gr-id="120">them</g> but I can’t do anything about it because their mother gets aggressive the moment I approach her puppies. Is there anything I can do to help them? I put them in a carton stuffed with rags and shredded <g data-gr-id="119">newspapers</g> but that doesn’t seem to help much.
If bringing the animal home is not an option, you might be able to help them survive the cold by providing shelter such as a sturdy cardboard box lined with straw. Don’t bother with towels and blankets as these will get wet in a storm and freeze. Put a bowl of food and warm milk near where the mother is. Once you give her <g data-gr-id="135">food ,</g> she will become more trusting. It is really shameful that you have been watching their deaths year after year and have not attempted to get the mother sterilised. You have not even fed her throughout the year so that she is friendly when she has the puppies. Compassion without action is of absolutely no use.

I am planning to buy a guinea <g data-gr-id="107">pig</g> but my parents are apprehensive as guinea pigs are essentially rodents only. Is it tough to handle guinea pigs as pets?
I see no need at all to buy pets. And increasing the market for guinea pigs is ridiculous. They are extremely sensitive. They need daily care, proper feeding, bedding and <g data-gr-id="127">hay .</g> You have to clean them out <g data-gr-id="126">everyday</g>. They require routine nail clipping, regular grooming and occasional ear cleaning. They need exercise daily – whether running around the room or in a safe pen outdoors – and they must be closely supervised the entire time. 

Do you have the time for this or will you leave this to your parents and keep the guinea pig simply locked up in a cage the whole day while you go to school and play and work.

My friend has a pet turtle in his aquarium. Even though he takes really good care of it, is it legal to keep a turtle in your aquarium? It’s a small turtle, fits in my hand.
No, you cannot have a tortoise as a pet in India. Indian Tent turtles/ Ganges Turtles/ Olive Ridley’s/ Star tortoises etc. are all listed in the schedule one of the Wildlife Protection Act 1972. It is illegal to privately own them. Many pet stores sell them illegally and people keep buying them which is why the species is endangered. What do you mean that your friend looks after <g data-gr-id="129">it ?</g> Does it have companionship? Does it have the ability to reproduce? Does it have the freedom to swim long distances? Does it get natural food? .<g data-gr-id="128">No ,</g> it just sits there waiting to die. Your friend thinks that by picking it up and stroking it he is fulfilling all its needs. It is utterly selfish and wicked to keep wild animals in the home.

My tenant has a pet parrot. Is it legal to keep a bird caged in your house? The parrot doesn’t look like a regular parrot. It has colourful feathers and is bigger than the parrots I see on trees.
Unless you send a picture I will not know which bird it is. It could be a variety of Indian parakeet or it could be a foreign bird like a macaw. It is illegal to keep any Indian birds in cages and it is immoral to keep any birds at all in <g data-gr-id="148">cages .</g> Many bird sellers pretend they are selling foreign <g data-gr-id="146">birds</g> but they do not have import licences or government permission so the sale is illegal. These birds have been smuggled by international gangs from their own countries and brought in through Kolkata and sent out to the rest of the country. By buying <g data-gr-id="142">them</g> you are only <g data-gr-id="124">abetting</g> this terrible trade. None of the foreign birds live very long and they do not breed in India so their species gets wiped out. If it is an Indian bird release it immediately. If it is a foreign one find out a surrounding where you can release it as many lovebirds and small parakeets die when released.

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