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Understanding the modern woman

Understanding the modern woman
When across the country, the fairer sex is under attack in various ways, a city artist has decided to apply some soothing balm and show people the true value of a woman. Keeping that in mind, artist Sunanyna Malhotra’s solo show Beneath the skin explores the various forms of femininity and the various stages a women undergoes through her life.

‘Drawing the female form and express my thoughts on them come naturally to me,' says Malhotra. The artist finds inspiration in the contemporary woman.

‘Today, women have beautifully managed to balance work and domestic life so perfectly that she stands as a muse for my art. It is this woman, who also balances the world she creates as a lover, spouse, children and the world that exists outside,’ adds Malhotra.

Peers like Amrita Shergill and Frida Kalho inspire her and somewhere each painting tells a story about women. The ongoing exhibition is an expression of her own life which is reflected in her paintings. Besides the sensuality and sensitivity in the paintings, somewhere she tries to give women the respect they deserve.

‘I have been going through so many things at this stage of my life. And this is my way of expressing angst. I believe women in the modern world should be respected for what they are despite what society wants them to be’, says Malhotra.

‘The female form is not glorified or portrayed to please any male voyeuristic attitude or as the media portrays it, but it is of a real woman whose body tells of her journey. From puberty to motherhood to her breast-feeding days to finally menopause,’ feels the artist.

She also dwells on the aspect of women looking at the changes in life through her artworks. ‘Even though a woman camouflages herself, she looks at her own self with disgust and at the changes she undergoes. And it is this that I have used as a medium to seduce in my work. You will always see a lone woman standing in my paintings’.

‘There are ways society wants women to act and in a patriarchy, somewhere women have moulded themselves into this structure,’ says Malhotra.

Taking this further, she has also made a film by the same name Beneath the skin which is an inspiration drawn from her own life. Her works are priced upwards of Rs 50,000. Cheers to girl power!
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