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'Underground music best here'

Underground music best here
Sorry folks, it isn't Jalebee Cartel which is performing in town this week. But if you want an earful of their music in any case, then rush to Hauz Khas as Ashvin Mani Sharma, one of the creators of Jalebee Cartel, will be there to give you a whiff of the band's music.

After setting up the band in 2003, Ashvin composed his own music and now has been performing solo since last year. This week, he will be playing with fellow band member Ash Roy.

'For me Delhi has always been a home ground and we are looking forward to performing here as Delhi has one of the best underground music scenes,' says Sharma.

'We have been around for nine years in the band and since last year, we started playing individually', he says. For him, music is all about creating a soundscape, unconventional sounds which make people groove. 'Music for me is anything that makes people dance', adds Sharma.

Sharma's music is a tool for emptying the mind with unpredictable and unusual sounds. 'Music is a state of mind that reaffirms that we are a bunch of freaks who listen to bizarre, crazy music that just somehow moves our soul to action,' he says.

The musician, who takes care of the synthesiser in Jalebee Cartel, usually plays EDM [Electronic Dance Music], but this time he will be playing his own compositions.

When asked as to what he would call as safe music, he says that music should be unconventional and footapping. 'What I term safe and predictable music is which we hear everywhere in the discs and clubs, the commercial music or David Guetta and I am against this kind of music, what I play is different and artistic yet moving,' says Sharma.

He has been composing music earlier for the band and now all the members have started creating their own individual music. He had been associated with the underground music before he finally formed the band.

'We are all different people in the band with different creativity levels and as a band we had amalgamated but now each one of us wants to build a career, individually, beyond the band,' adds Sharma.


At: Verve, Hauz Khas Village
when:24 August
Timings: 10pm onwards

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