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Under the knife for Day 1

First impressions are first impressions and we all make a lot of efforts to get them right. Then why wouldn’t the fresh crop of university students do something about it? In a bid to look gorgeous and dashing on their first day of college, a lot of youngsters are making a beeline for the city’s aestheticians and cosmetic dermatologists to avail non-surgical treatments. 

Be it the perfect nose or luscious lips ala Kareena Kapoor or smooth complexion the girls are doing it all. Just out of her school and visibly excited to join college, 17-yr-old Swati Nagar says, 'I don’t see the harm in getting a treatment done for enhancing your looks. Today, everybody flaunts their best feature(s). In college, you often go for hangouts with your friends and you want to look cool and happening. I got my lips enhanced for I was too bothered about their thinness and I know if I am always fussing about their shape and size then I won’t be able to enjoy my college life.'

According to Dr. Simal Soin, renowned dermatologist, 'Procedures like nose jobs, lip augmentation, liposuction are fairly common these days. A lot of young girls come to us for getting lip enhancement. The dermal filler procedure is really simple and quick.  Modern day fillers such as Juvederm give instantaneous results. Since these are hyaluronic-acid based, which is a natural component of the skin; they don’t cause any side effects. The best part is the results are so natural-looking that one doesn’t come across as being artificially made up.'

Today’s teenagers are definitely much more conscious about their appearance and usually they don’t settle for anything less than the best. Skin conditions such as acne and pigmentation and presence of excessive hair on hands and legs bothers them a lot, especially the girls, for they like to wear stylish dresses and skirts to college. Clearly such beauty treatments are not new to these kids, what one must wait to see is what new techniques are taken up this year.

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