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Undefeated Vijender eyes new title next year

 Agencies |  2016-12-19 13:52:09.0  |  New Delhi

Undefeated Vijender eyes new title next year

The WBO Asia-Pacific title won and defended successfully, Indian boxing star Vijender Singh will now be on the prowl for a new belt and could be challenging for the Commonwealth or the Oriental crown in the next couple of months.

Up against Tanzania’s former world champion Francis Cheka in his Super Middleweight title defence clash on Saturday night, Vijender took less than 10 minutes to score a knockout win and remain undefeated in his professional career, which is eight fights old now. Next up for him could be a Commonwealth title fight in Leicester. 

The Commonwealth Super Middleweight is currently held by British boxer Luke Blackledge, who has 22 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses to show for in his 27-fight career so far. “I don’t have any plan for the new year right now. Fighting in Delhi or fighting abroad, it doesn’t make a difference to me. We will think about the next opponent,” was the 31-year-old Haryana-lad’s nonchalant response to a query on his schedule for next year after Saturday night’s bout.

However, his promoters — Infinity Optimal Solutions (IOS) — were a tad more specific with the company’s MD Neerav Tomar detailing the possibilities for 2017.

“We have been discussing that probably Vijender might just go back to UK and fight there or in China or in Dubai. So it’s not just gonna be about fighting in India,” Tomar said.

Speaking of his opponent, who had threatened to end his career and even called him a kid before the fight, Vijender reiterated that he always believed in talking through his punches in the ring.

“I have been able to save it (the belt) even though there was so much trash talking before the fight. I am very happy to have defended the title. He got the right punch on his chin and that is why he just forgot everything. He wanted to create pressure before the fight with all his big talk but when he got the right, he forgot all and just wanted to save himself,” he said. 



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