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UN failing to gauge dangers of terror, risks losing relevance: Modi

In a sharp criticism of the UN, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said such a major global institution is failing to gauge the dangers of terrorism and warned that the world body risks losing its relevance if it does not act urgently to address the “new age challenge”.

He also slammed those talking about ‘good terrorism’ and ‘bad terrorism’, saying they are “knowingly or unknowingly” lending a “force” to the menace which is a threat not only to any country or region but the entire humanity. At the same time, Modi said terrorism needs to be de-linked from religion and underlined that the menace cannot be eradicated only by using “bombs, guns and pistols” but by creating an environment wherein the youth are saved from being radicalised.

“Last week, a terrible terror attack took place in Brussels. I extend condolences to those who lost their dear ones. It is after a long time that such a serious incident has happened on this soil,” he said addressing a gathering of Indian diaspora here.

He said while India has been suffering from terrorism over the last 40 years, the world has realised now how “deadly” and “cruel” terrorism is. Modi noted that in the last year, 90 countries suffered terror attacks in which thousands of people lost their lives and took on the United Nations for still not defining terrorism.

“..if you ask about terrorism, the UN does not know what terrorism is and how to deal with it. Because it (UN) was born from the dreadfulness of wars and therefore they are unable to think beyond that.

“This (terrorism) is a challenge of the new age, a challenge to the humanity and in gauging it, the world’s such a major institution is not able to fulfill its duty,” the PM said. He pointed out that India has been pleading with the UN for years that terrorism should be defined - who is a terrorist, which is a terrorist country, who is helping terrorists, who is supporting terrorists and which are the things that encourage terrorism.
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