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Umpire's call is fair thing: Kohli happy with current DRS

 Agencies |  2016-11-26 23:08:32.0  |  Mohali

Umpires call is fair thing: Kohli happy with current DRS

The umpire's call in the Decision Review System for the touch and go LBW decisions has been a topic of discussion for some time but Indian captain Virat Kohli is happy with the technology in its current form.

In its current form, any decision taken by the on-field umpire on leg before being referred to the third umpire is referred back if the ball tracker shows that the ball is only grazing the stumps.

It's called umpire's call and the on-field umpire has the right to stick to his original decision. While the matter has been debated, Kohli's vote went with the on-field umpire.

"I think it is just one way to make sure that everyone knows the correct decision has been made or not. The umpire's call bit everyone understands because they are the people who are given the job to make decisions and it is respected even in the DRS System. I think that is pretty fair. A lot of people don't understand that," Kohli said, making his stand clear on the matter. 

Asked if he was happy with it, Kohli said: "Yes, I am pretty happy with it. It just confirms the decision that's been made on the field. And I think it is pretty fair for the game."



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