UK MPs appeal to Queen to save union with Scotland

UK MPs appeal to Queen to save union with Scotland
According to a latest poll by TNS, the ‘no’ vote is just one point ahead on 39 per cent, with the ‘yes’ side jumping by six points in the last month to 38 per cent.

The deep concern among MPs at Westminister of Scotland’s secession has led them to call upon the
Queen to make her views known, according to a report in the Daily Telegraph.

They have also mounted pressure on British Prime Minister David Cameron to ask the monarch to speak out as the 18 September deadline nears.

Cross-party MPs want him to get the Queen to make a speech as she did in 1977 when Scotland and Wales were voting on devolved national assemblies. At the time, the Queen used one of her Silver Jubilee speeches to deliver a clear warning against breaking up the realm, saying she understood ‘aspirations’ of devolved power but: ‘I cannot forget that I was crowned Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and of Northern Ireland.

‘Perhaps this Jubilee is a time to remind ourselves of the benefits which union has conferred, at home and in our international dealings, on the inhabitants of all parts of the United Kingdom.’
One senior Conservative MP told The Telegraph: ‘Now, would be a great moment for the Queen to say again and underline those inspiring words that she gave in 1977 at her Silver Jubilee. The referendum looks extremely close and her intervention could make all the difference.’

Simon Danczuk, a Labour MP, agreed: ‘It would mean something to the people of England and Scotland. It would be welcomed ? I don’t think it would be improper.’

However, royal aides have made it clear that the Queen regards the issue of independence as a matter entirely for the Scottish people to decide and dismissed any suggestion that she could speak on the issue.

The Queen happens to be staying in her Scottish palace, Balmoral, until after the vote.

Politicians seem to have now pinned their hopes on the royal family for a last-minute swing in favour of the union, with the announcement of Prince William and Kate’s second baby also being seen as a much-needed publicity boost for the ‘no’ campaign.

The royal couple, known in Scotland as the Earl and Countess of Strathearn, have strong connections with the region having fallen in love there at St Andrews University.


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