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UK court asks Pak to pay £150,000 to India

In a setback to Pakistan, a UK court has directed it to pay £150,000 to India as legal fees in the 67-year-old Hyderabad Funds case involving the Nizam’s money while terming Pakistan’s behaviour as “unreasonable”.

Holding that Pakistan has no “sovereign immunity” in the case, the judge ordered the Pakistan High Commissioner here to pay the legal costs incurred by the other respondents in the case relating to the Hyderabad Funds, which is currently valued at £35 million.  It is understood that the legal costs of the respondents — government of India, the National Westminster Bank and the Nizam’s heirs Mukkaram Jah and Muffakham Jah — are approx 400,000 pounds. Of this, India has been paid 150,000 pounds, the National Westminster Bank £132,000 and the Nizam’s heirs about £60,000 each respectively.

The immunity waiver under the verdict, which has opened the doors for India to recover the frozen funds through legal process, is irrevocable.
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