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UK boy’s shaved head for cancer awareness doesn’t impress his school!

A 14-year-old boy, who got his head shaved to raise money for cancer awareness, was put in isolation by a UK school for violating haircut norms.

Stan Lock raised more than $500 for a cancer charity but school authorities said they ‘did not approve’ of the haircut which is shorter than what the school rules allow. Lock will be kept in isolation until the hair grows back, school said, BBC reported, adding that he had his head shaved because “cancer affects so many people”. He has been placed in isolation, away from other students, for three days by the head teacher Barry Wratten who said he ‘did not approve’ of the haircut, the report said.

Lock had decided to shave his thick brown hair to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer care after a number of friends and family were affected by the deadly disease.

He received a number of donations for the event, including from teachers, which took place on Jan 25 afternoon. But he was devastated when he returned to school the following day and was told that his number zero hairstyle was not suitable. His isolation would prevent him from attending lessons or enjoying his lunch and break time. Lock, who attends Churchill Academy in England’s North Somerset, was told by his head teacher that he must stay in exclusion until his hair had grown back to at least a number two. 


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