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Two years of BJP: Un-breaking our national integrity

When the people of India elected the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to power in the summer of 2014, we were a broken nation. Our national security had been challenged by our neighbors. The previous government in power had fractured our backbone with corruption. 

Our strength had been weakened by policy paralysis and inaction, and to top it all, the western vested interests had infiltrated the country in the form of NGOs that were tearing our ligaments.  Forget making any progress in a fast-paced world, we were incapable, as a Nation, to hold ourselves together. That is when and why the people voted BJP to power in May 2014.

Remember the prolonged agitation of Medha Patkar, who undermined development and the water security of the central and western parts of India?  Remember the Greenpeace-sponsored agitations that were trying to stall power generation capacity building and development in many parts of the country?  Remember Teesta Setalvad, who in connivance with large multinational donors, was promoting communal disharmony masked under social work?

India had NGOs and activists mushrooming everywhere who ate from the palms of western donor agencies.  Not a day had passed without the media echoing their voice and lionising their unjust stands.  They were showered with international awards and recognition for breaking the nation from within, in the name of civic movement.

The BJP has been in power for two years now with its focus on development.  These vested interests of sinister agencies have been plucked out of their niches and dumped into the dustbin of history.  The culprits behind these double faced NGOs have been exposed and neutralised.  

And, two years have passed without unjust agitation by NGOs or dubiously funded agencies.  Even this week, the NGO of a well-connected person has been exposed and is being brought to justice. A nation that was being broken by divisive forces has begun its journey on the path of development with an uncompromising and unbroken stance. It is a pity that this has not been conveniently  recognised by the so-called political commentators, political psychologist , social theorist, critics including the media. 

It is also true that in the past two years, most projects have progressed as scheduled, without the opposition of the vested interests backed by western lobbies. The financial over-run on the projects is a thing of the past. Today, the nation is witnessing the cost-effective implementation of infrastructure projects, which had become milking cows of easy money for the previous government. 

These very significant achievements need to be accepted and publicised by all concerned, regardless of political or professional ideologies, as they have a direct bearing on our well-being as individuals and as a nation.

We need to make people of India aware of these benefits of Acche Din.  We need to feel proud that the nation is on the path to progress. We need to feel happy that the lives of our children will be better than ours.  

(V.K.Saxena is Chairman, Khadi & Village Industries Commission. Views expressed are strictly personal.)
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