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Two private buses in head-on collision; 30 injured

Two private buses collided with each other on Monday afternoon at RG Kar Road, resulting in injuries to at least 30 persons, including five women and two children.

The injured persons were taken to RG Kar Medical College and Hospital.

The drivers of the two buses received maximum injuries and were soon shifted for surgery.

The others injured were treated and later discharged from the hospital.

“The injuries of the two drivers are very critical. Both are unconscious now, but no passenger has been badly injured. They were released after quick treatment,” said an on-duty doctor.

A private bus of route 227 collided face-to-face with another private bus of same route. Both the buses were being driven at a high speed. The front portions of the buses have suffered heavy damages.

Soon after the incident, though, the locals rushed to the spot and joined hands in the rescue work. Police brought wrecker van to pull those broken vehicles from the spot.

Police used a gas-cutter to cut open the front portion of both the buses to rescue the drivers.

The drivers were soon taken to the hospital by the police. Later, the passengers were evacuated from the buses.

“Initially we moved injured children and women to the hospital. Later, the men were taken there as well,” said a traffic police officer.

Police said the owners of the buses were called up at the police station.

“We will check all the papers and permits,” a police officer said.

“Massive traffic congestion was seen on the road. In fact, the traffic jam spread to many parts of 
Central and North Kolkata. The traffic situation came back to normal after the police moved those wrecked vehicles out of the RG Kar road,” said some local residents.
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