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Two held for murdering colleague

Two held for murdering colleague
Two youths were arrested for allegedly murdering their colleague, who had shared with others the mobile number of one of the accused’s ‘girl friend’ and had refused to work with them.

Hevbi Lal, 24, and Devender, 20, were arrested on Saturday for the murder of Rajpal who was working at a screen printing unit in the capital.

Rajpal was found murdered near Asaf Ali Road in Shastri Park of central Delhi on Friday morning, police said. During its probe, the police found that the victim had met his colleagues Hevbi Lal, Devender and Vijali Paswan on the night of 22 November and consumed alcohol with them.

Devender and Lal were subsequently questioned and during interrogation they confessed to have killed Rajpal in connivance with Paswan, police said.

Giving details of the motive behind the murder Additional Commissioner of Police (Central), Devesh Chandra Srivastava said, ‘Hevbi Lal used to talk to a woman (Bhabhiji) and boast of his conversations with his friends. Rajpal secretly took the number from the mobile phone of Lal and started talking to the woman, and also distributed the number to his other friends.’

‘Rajpal also divulged to the woman that Lal was married and had two children, due to which she stopped talking to him,’ Srivastava said. On the other hand, Devender and Paswan took several orders from the market expecting that Rajpal would lend a hand to them, however, Rajpal refused to cooperate saying he had other works to do, the police officer said.

‘After this, the trio called Rajpal to a place and killed him after having alcohol,’ he said.
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