Two dead in jumbo attack

Two persons were killed when a herd of elephants ran amok in some villages in Purulia on Sunday morning.

According to an officer of the state forest department, the tuskers entered the Arsha village and started damaging crops and huts. 

People came out of the houses and tried to send the elephants to the adjacent forests from where those had actually come out.

After being chased by the local people, the elephants ran towards the adjacent village. As the people were shouting, the tuskers started damaging huts in the adjacent village as well. 

Realising the tuskers would damage their crops, two villagers went ahead to restrict the animals entering the agricultural land.

The tuskers trampled 57-year-old Mukunda Mahato and Prayag Mahato (55). The villagers had realised that the duo would die if they were not rescued immediately. But they were in a helpless situation and failed to rescue them. Later the officials of the forest department rushed to the spot and drove the elephants out of the village and rescued the duo.

Both were found in an unconscious state when rescued. They were declared brought dead when taken to hospital.

The forest department officials failed to drive the elephants out of the area. The officials alerted the villagers. The villagers will remain awake tonight as the elephants may return to the villages.

It may be recalled that several persons were killed after being attacked by tuskers in the past one year. 

Such incidents take place as apprehended massive loss local people take up various measures to drive the animals back to forests. 

In a bid to try the same the villagers go too close to the elephants and fail to return when chased. Henceforth they are tramped or smashed under the feet of the tuskers.
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