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Two crushed to death by train at Bally

Two persons came under the wheels of a train at a level crossing at Bally railway station. The Government Railway Police (GRP) recovered their bodies from the rail tracks, and sent them for autopsy.

“We believe that those two persons were local residents. They were walking alongside the rail tracks. They might have been inebriated while the Black Diamond Express approached towards them. The train ran over them,” said a GRP officer.

After the incident, locals rushed to the railway tracks and took them to the railway platform and started treating them. But their effort was in vain as they were spot dead.

The locals, however, agitated in front of the police saying that level crossings have not been checked properly so people sometimes entered the rail tracks when the signals are on. “We have often complained to the police to restrain people from walking alongside the tracks. But some people as well as police pay no heed to this,” said a local resident.

However, the bodies were found lying on the rail tracks when locals rushed to the spot. The two deceased were aged around 50 years and were lying in a pool of blood.

“We assumed that those two people were flower vendors who were coming out from market. They may have been the residents of Bally’s Asthya Tala area. But their face were mutilated so it was difficult to identify them,” another local said.

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