Two arrested in connection with Assam student abduction case

Two persons were arrested in connection with the incident in which a first year student of Rupahi College in Assam was kidnapped from Malda Station on Wednesday night. Police said the 19-year-old student Asif Rabbani is a resident of Tarabari Kandulimari village at Nagaon in Assam. He had bagged a job in Thiruvananthapuram.

He boarded a train on Wednesday from Guwahati to reach Thiruvananthapuram. He was travelling in the unreserved compartment of the train, which was completely packed with passengers. 

Finding it difficult to travel in the packed compartment, he got down from the train at Malda Station and decided to travel by the next train. He went left the station premises to check into a hotel. 

Five persons forced him inside the car while he was going towards a rickshaw standing outside the station. The car stopped in front of him and they forcefully pushed him inside the vehicle.

They threatened him with dire consequences when he cried for help. Local people heard his cry and started shouting. The policemen, who were patrolling outside the station, chased the car and stopped it after following it for 2 hours.

Realising that they will get caught, three of the accused fled the area while the other two were nabbed by the police. The youth was rescued.

The police initiated interrogating the accused to know the motive behind the kidnapping. A senior police officer said that it seems that the accused were well known to the youth. “But the question is that the youth was not scheduled to get down at Malda, then how the accused chalked the plan of kidnapping him outside Malda station?” the police officer said.  

The police had also questioned the youth, but he was in a traumatised state to give reply to the questions. The family members of the youth were informed about the incident. Police is suspecting that the youth must have contacted some of his friends in Malda while facing inconvenience in travelling and this is how the accused came to know that he was about to get down at Malda Station.
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