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Turquoise cottage claims Adaab hotels uses trademark illegally

Reacting to a Millennium Post story that appeared on 17 December 2012, Star Restaurant Private Limited has claimed that the pending litigation in the Delhi high court is not about ‘Turquoise Cottage’ but about the wrongful usage of ‘TC’ by Adaab Hotels.

According to them, they are one of the leading players in the service sector and are using the trademark ‘Turquoise Cottage/Turquoise Cottage from the Orient/TC’ extensively and continuously for the last several years. It said that it has the exclusive right to use the trademark ‘Turquoise Cottage’ which is and always has been associated only with its business and goods and services alone.

Star Restaurant Private Limited said that the litigation case between parties is still pending in the Delhi high court. It said that judgment dated 10 December relates to interim orders, which shall be in force during the pendency of the litigation between the parties. According to them, Delhi high court has prima facie found that Adaab Hotels is guilty of dishonestly adopting its trademark ‘TC/Turquoise Cottage’.

Star Restaurant Private Limited said in its response to Millennium Post story that the judgment dated 10 December 2012 set out the following directions, all of which are to be followed by Adaab Hotels: (a) Publication in two leading newspapers circulated in Delhi and NCR stating that ‘TC Restaurant & Bar’ at Adchini has absolutely no connection with ‘Turquoise Cottage,’ which was earlier being run in Adchini premises and is now run in Vasant Vihar and Gurgaon’ (b) uploading a disclaimer on Facebook, stating that ‘TC Restaurant & Bar at Adchini has absolutely no connection with ‘Turquoise Cottage’ which was being run in Adchini and is now run in Vasant Vihar and Gurgaon’ (c) any restaurant opened by Adaab Hotels has to put a well illuminated or neon board of five-foot by three-foot in size and at every entrance of its restaurant stating the aforesaid disclaimer (d) the signboard of the Adaab’s restaurant will carry the aforesaid disclaimer prominently (e) all advertisements and promotional material of Adaab will carry the aforesaid disclaimer (f) all menu cards  and invoices used by Adaab will also carry the aforesaid disclaimer (g) Adaab will not use the word ‘The Original’ in its advertisement and/or promotional material or elsewhere (h) any web site of Adaab’s restaurant in present or in future will not carry the name ‘TC’  (i) Adaab will also inform fire department and all other related governmental departments that they have no connection with ‘Turquoise Cottage Bar and Restaurant’ which they were earlier running at Adchini, New Delhi.
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