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Turn it tangy

Turn it tangy
Dakshin that has been serving for 25 years now are up with an another delight for foodies. The restaurant presents the Moplah Food Festival.
 Moplah Magic is the tale comprises of how strangers came from afar, pausing briefly to trade (or perhaps looking for a home), and in Kerala they decided to stay, for hundreds of years.

Despite adopting several local customs, the Moplahs have a distinct anddeveloped sub-cultural identity. And nowhere is this expressed more fiercely than in their colourful cuisine. Rice as the staple food and the use of coconut oil in cooking is common to all of Kerala. But, there are unique differences in the preparations of northern Malabar that are recognized solely as Moplah fare. Meen Varattiyathe, fish cooked in a tangy tamarind sauce will be the special attraction in the menu.

Where:  Dakshin, Welcomhotel Sheraton 
Where : 9 - 18 May
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