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Trump-branded coats come from India, says new Clinton TV ad

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign is accusing rival Donald Trump of outsourcing his clothing brands overseas, including his coats to India, in a new television commercial set to air this week. 

In the past, the Clinton Campaign has accused Trump of outsourcing jobs to India and other countries.  The latest television commercial is part of a series.

The ad ‘Shirts’ joins a previously released commercial ‘Some Place’ in spotlighting Trump’s long history of making Trump-branded products outside of the US, as part of an effort over the past month to contrast the 70-year-old tycoon’s hypocritical business record with Clinton’s agenda to 
“make the economy work for everyone, not just those at the top.” 

Robert Kidder, owner of New England Shirt Company, in the ad released by Clinton Campaign alleges that “this factory has been here since 1883. We have over 60 people here making shirts labelled ‘Made in America,’ but Donald Trump’s brand of shirts come from China, his suits from Mexico, his coats from India”.

“Donald Trump says he’ll ‘make America great again’ while he’s taking the shirts right off our backs,” Kidder says as he closes the ad.

The company is based in Massachusetts, which in the past has been central to America’s textile industry. It remains the oldest operating ready-to-wear shirt manufacturer in the US.

The new ad follows Clinton’s announcement yesterday of new plans to jumpstart small business startups and strengthen small business growth. She has accused Trump of making a career out of ‘stiffing’ small businesses and driving some of them out of business.

Citing an independent analysis, the former secretary of state has claimed Trump’s ideas would cost 3.4 million jobs while her plan would create over 10 million new jobs.

Clinton, the 68-year-old Senator from New York, is leading Trump by considerable margin in several US polls. The general election is scheduled for November 8.

‘Trump has driven some small firms out of business’
Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, has made a career of ‘stiffing’ small businesses, choosing not to pay them and driving some of them out of business, Democratic rival Hillary Clinton has alleged. Citing an independent analysis, she also claimed Trump’s ideas would cost 3.4 million jobs while her plan would create over 10 million new jobs.

“Donald Trump has made a career of stiffing small businesses, driving some of them actually out of business. He refused to pay them for the work they’d already done not because he couldn’t pay them, but because he chose not to pay them,” the 68-year-old former secretary of state said yesterday in a tele-town hall with small business owners. She also discussed her new comprehensive plan to jumpstart small business startup and strengthen small business growth. 
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