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Truly madly deeply

Truly madly deeply
I’m madly in love with a <g data-gr-id="152">guy Do</g> women propose. What should I do?
Pooja Parekh, New Delhi
Many women still wonder if it is right or wrong to propose a guy. It is 21st century and we believe in men woman equality. Tradition believes that it is a man who first asks out a woman for a date but now the scenario has changed. It is perfectly all right for a girl to propose a guy. Just consider some important things before you pour out your heart to the man you love. Guys can be really sentimental at times. Avoid picking up a crowded place to propose him. Proposing at any crowded place may put both of you in an awkward situation. Make sure the spot you have chosen to make your proposal should provide some privacy. Love letters can never be passé. In the age of e-mails a love letter is a rarity. One can put forward his or her feelings elegantly through written words. If you are feeling awkward to tell him your feelings you can always use a love letter. Make yourself ready for rejection too. It is not necessary that a person whom you love will love you back. Respect his decision come what may. If he is destined to be with you, he will be with you anyways. Otherwise accept the rejection and move on. You may get someone much better. Best wishes.

I met a girl through a common friend. She seems to be interested on me, yet, there is something that I find mysterious. How can I find out more about her?
Vinayak, Noida
Just interact with her. Spend quality time to communicate. Meet for tea, go for walks, go for window shopping, movies, temple…somewhere everyday or most of the days of a week to know her closely. Some people do take a bit longer to open their hearts and speak out their life, but, that doesn’t mean they are ‘mysterious’! Keep your eyes, ears, heart open and start walking the path with her. Don’t have premonitions before you understand the person. Try and meet her as a new friend. Explore the friendship first and wish you a happy journey in life.

I want to look better. Can you suggest some ways.
Tanveer, Lucknow
You don’t have to make major changes in order to look and feel your best. Nose hair, ear hair that’s poking out anywhere else on your face isn’t sexy. Get rid of excess hair in these areas. Plus, exercising will boost your confidence and give your skin a healthy glow. Everyone finds a healthy set of teeth and gums attractive, and not taking care of your mouth can be downright repulsive. Whatever combo of hair and facial hair you settle on, always take pride in grooming. That means maintaining healthy hair with regular cuts and styling. Taking an honest assessment of your body and face can go a long way toward helping you make the most of your appearance. When you know your weak points, you’ll be able to minimise them or conceal them to your advantage. Make a concerted effort to eat right and you’ll have won half the battle in looking your personal best. But at the end of it all, it is your over all personality and your soul that makes you shine. Do spend time to build your personality and looks will surely follow.

My <g data-gr-id="153">ex boyfriend</g> is threatening to expose our intimate mails and digital pictures. I never knew this side of his character and I’m feeling horribly scared. My family will throw me out. What can I do? 
Name unknown, New Delhi
Oh dear, that’s terrible! Don’t you have anyone in your family or circle of friends who can help you fight this out? You perhaps would need some strong support of your family to sort this mess. Don’t be scared. Blackmailing is a punishable offense and he should realise his stupidity soon. Don’t delay any further. Involve the ones you can trust and sort it soon. 

Family might be angry but they will always support you and will take care of you at all times. Be confident and fight this out.

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