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True colours

True colours
Don't be surprised if you see national flags in place of your contacts' display pictures on WhatsApp.
'Independence day is approaching and due to our busy schedule, it is very difficult to take time out and go to Red Fort for celebrations or indulge in any other such activity.

So, to show my support for my country, I changed my display picture to our national flag as a tribute to our nation and its struggle,' said Ramandeep Kaur Narang, a lawyer.

A message that has been floating on WhatsApp, states - 'Please make Indian flag as Whatsapp picture from 6 August to 15 August and then see how good you will feel when everybody has flag as their picture. After all, we are Indians.'

The hectic and crazy lifestyle may impose time restraint on people, but they are cheerfully acknowledging this WhatsApp message.

'Our picture displays our essence of patriotism. The picture in itself generates sense of unity among us,' said Priyanka, a student of Indian Institute of Mass Communication.

Another student of engineering, Nishant Yadav said, 'This is such a good way. My friends, who live in other states have also changed their display picture to our national flag. It feels good that everybody is resonating with same spirit.'
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