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Travelling towards moksha

Travelling towards moksha
the capital recently played host to a travel art show that was first unveiled  last year and then travelled to Nehru Centre in London, The Cultural Wing Embassy of India in Berlin and the Jakubska Gallery in Prague.

Curated by Naresh Kapuria,  Towards Moksha is a series of paintings by Delhi-based artist Arshi Ahmed.

The paintings, says Ahmed, are all about peace and meditation. ‘For me moksha means peace, the power of meditation, bhakti [devotion], mukti [salvation] and karma. It is how good deed comes back to you,’ she said.

‘Through Towards Moksha, I have portrayed a pathway towards the final and alluring destination called Moksha. The rat race in today’s competitive scenario builds an urge to search for mediums of relaxation and I believe any form of art can serve as this medium. As a painter, I feel delighted to provide my bit of contribution in the wonderful world of art,’ says Ahmed.

The artist says she is a religoius person, and although she does not pray everyday, the spirituality within her is something that inspires her to take up the brush everyday and start painting.

‘Art is essentially everything for me. I see it in the beauty of life, as a medium of peace and relaxation and somewhere everyone should embrace it in this busy everyday life,’ said Ahmed.

In this exhibition, she displayed about 30 paintings which had images of Krishna, the theme of mor pankh [peacock], flute, Buddha, Ganesh, calligraphy and also coins pasted on canvas.

Ahmed loves photography and some of her photographs were also displayed. Two installations were also a part of the exhibition. One, titled Unending Journey, consisted of photographs of clouds. Another installation is the Wall of Berlin.

The Wall of Berlin
is influenced by the Berlin Wall and is a set of  13 paintings. In Saddhna, Ahmed displayed musical instruments like guitar, sitar, drums and flute.

‘I created this installation as music and art are inseperable and blended music and art as a form of art,’ explained Ahmed.
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