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Travel and poetry merge in the city

Creating the bridge between travellers and poets, Coldnoon launched their first print journal Coldnoon: Travel Poetics, Spring, 2012, on 27 April. An initiative created to provide a platform to creative writers and poets, Coldnoon was launched online on 23 September. And a little more than six months down the line, the team behind Coldnoon has successfully published their first journal.

The main ideology behind Coldnoon is ‘travel poetics’. The concept that as an individual travels, poetry travels with him. Not only does travelling give shape to thoughts behind the word, often the word provides fuel to the wanderlust.

Coldnoon merges the desire to travel and and words that define the feelings of a traveller.

And who says that travel poetics is only about long journeys to exotic places? Every single day is a journey and poetry can come out of that.

‘If a journey is moving from one place to another, it is also all the things in between that happen along the way. It is the belly tingle of the dawn at first summer, the sound of birdsong mingling with traffic, the scent of my lover’s skin at the end of the day’s journey. Perhaps, it is my own still small voice, my inner burning bush and arc of refuge carrying me above my own emotional depth. Perhaps it is the spaces between, and the containers we all fit into. Coldnoon guides me to all these places with safe hands.’ writes Lisa Thatcher in her introduction to Coldnoon: Travel Poetics, Spring, 2012.

Professor GJV Prasad and well known author and academic Tabish Khair launched the journal on the Friday afternoon in the School of Languages in the Jawaharlal Nehru University campus.

The spring edition of the journal has works by poets like Brian Wrixon, Amit Ranjan, C S Bhagya, Murissa Shalapata, Veronica Pamoukaghlian, Arunima Sen, Vishesh Unni Raghunathan and Arup K Chatterjee. The journal has been edited by Arup K Chatterjee.
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