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Transport corporation introduces web-based interactive platform

The West Bengal Highway Development Corporation Limited (WBHDCL) has introduced a web based interactive platform by making the network of highways and other important thoroughfares in the state available online.

Earlier too, the route maps connecting different places were well accessible following a search in any search engine like Google or Yahoo. But with the introduction of the “web-based interactive platform” a user can, not only easily identify important places nearest to the place he or she is passing, but also leave an information about a particular point on the roads. Based on the information, the WBHDCL authorities would take up immediate measures.

Citing an example, an official said that if a man finds the security barricades along the highways getting stolen at a particular point, the person just needs to log into the website where the map of the area through which he is passing will get displayed and can mark the location just by touching that point on the route map on his smart phone. “The system will store the information and officials will be sent to the place as early as possible to investigate and get a solution to the problem,” the official said adding that the “interactive system” will also help to get alert if any accident takes place on any highway.

“It is the drivers of passing by vehicles who inform the police after travelling a distance in case of any accident and the police rush to the spot. Subsequently the rescue operation starts. But using the system the reaction time can be reduced and lives can be saved,” the official said. Besides such uses, people can easily know the exact distance between two places connected by the highways, lengths of bridges and locate nearest petrol pumps, eateries, hospitals, tourist spots.

There will be a part in the webpage where common people cannot gain access. The area has been developed basically for the officials to assess the best suited work utilising an assigned amount of money. “We just need to put in the amount and the system will suggest the best suited work that can be undertaken at that particular time of the year for that amount of money. It will also mark the area of work in the map,” the official said adding that earlier there were chances of errors as everything had to be calculated 

manually. One can avail the facility by logging in to But, the work of the second phase to develop the system for the officials is under process at present.

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