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Transform fear into action

Transform fear into action
I had a break up in January. I hardly step out of home and I think I have fallen for my brother’s girlfriend who is a good friend to me. What to do? I’m in a fix- Name unknown

Rather than focusing on your brother’s girlfriend, get yourself back out on the dating scene and meet new people. I think she is just a filler, a comfortable safe person that fills the void your ex has left. You dont love her at all, you just love the comforting feeling you get when she is around. Ruining your relationship with your family is not an option to be considered at all. 

I am 23, male. I have absolutely no freedom at home despite having financial stability and contributing to my family’s expenses.-A. Jaiswal, New Delhi

In my opinion, you just need to take the plunge and move out. They’re probably going to be furious, but I dont think you’ll lose them completely. It may take a bit of time to accept your decision but eventually things would fall into place. Try to work on a budget and accomodate your expenses within that. 

My spoken English is very weak and I feel very inferior.-Navneet Jha, Haryana

The only way to overcome a problem is to face it strongly. Get admitted in a spoken English class and practice speaking it whenever you have the opportunity. Even if you make mistakes, don’t stop trying. Its just practice and confidence that will make you learn anything. Be patient and give time. Mistakes will dampen your spirit but don’t let your confidence get defeated at any cost. Good luck!

What according to you makes a good relationship?Rashmi, West Bengal

Relationships aren’t just about love, passion, romance or body. If you really love someone, you show them respect, which means understanding that the other person doesn’t always have to do what you want, accepting that they have a right to their own friends, their own opinions and to make their 
own decisions. The list is long but I personally feel, the above points do make a relationship healthy, warm and strong.

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