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Track II finds a path to Siachen solution

A Track II proposal on dealing with the Siachen problem has been suggested by an Indo-Pak joint committee recently in Lahore. The committee was jointly chaired by retired Gen Jahangir Karamat, a former Army chief of Pakistan and retired Air Chief Marshal, SP Tyagi, of the Indian Air Force. The meetings took place last week in Pakistan.

The proposal will now be presented to respective governments in Islamabad and New Delhi for further action.

The proposal suggests that both the sides, as a part of the comprehensive resolution of the ‘Siachen dispute,’ and ‘notwithstanding the claims of each country,’ should agree to withdraw from the conflict area while retaining the ‘option of punitive action should the other side renege on the commitments.’

The committee stipulated that the two State-parties - set up a joint commission to delineate the line beyond NJ 9842, consistent with existing agreements.

The present ground positions would be jointly recorded and the record exchanged. The determination of the places to which redeployment will be affected would be jointly agreed.

Disengagement and demilitarisation would occur in accordance with a mutually acceptable time frame to be agreed.

And finally, Prior to withdrawal, each side will undertake to remove ammunitions and other military equipment and waste from areas of its control. and finally, the ongoing cooperative monitoring of these activities and the resulting demilitarised zone would be agreed to ensure/assure transparency.
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